Kannywood Renowned Actresses, Nafisat Abdulllahi Reacts Over The Allegations Made Against Kannywood Actresses


Kannywood Renowned Actresses, Nafisat Abdulllahi Reacts Over The Allegations Made Against Kannywood Actresses

Following the recent happenings in the Kannywood film industry which all started after one of the Kannywood actresses was interviewed by BBC. The old lady reveled that most times after concluding the scenes which she’s supposed to be part of, the industry will only offer her 2000 which is unfair. Sarkin Wakar San Kano also opened up in a recorded video which he said some Kannywood actresses had to give their bodies before being part of the industry which majority of his supporters agreed upon what he says. Due to what been happening and how people are criticizing Kannywood industry most especially the Kannywood actresses, Nafisat Abdulllahi breaks the silence as she confidently stand by what she thinks is right from her on perspective. She made this publicly as she said

“Greetings, may peace and blessings be with you and yours. It’s obvious and of no doubt to anyone who has been following the recent happenings in our industry, that pulling ourselves down rather than holding our hands to build our Industry is what we do, it’s so sad. As it is with all baseless allegations and lies to generalize events and suppositions just like we have generalized that *all men are scum*, in the same light one of our brothers who is clearly unenlightened of the events and occurrences within his immediate and distant surrounding has generalized a fallacy that “Kannywood ladies give their bodies for roles” how base can people think? If you want to make allegations, make factful allegations that you can back up. I will say this once and not squabble over dirt with anyone; if anyone has a problem with anyone be bold enough to call the person by name don’t do things for the sake of clout chasing and ruin your own life or career. I remain one of, if not the highest female Artist in Kannywood and i have never chased after a script or contract, they come to me, I did not attain this by accepting any standard from anyone, i set my standard for myself, if you’re at a level where you take anything for a job, that’s the standard you’ll remain at unless you build yourself and your art. Put in the honest work and you’ll reap the benefits. Once again I state clearly that I’ll not wrestle with anyone over their ideas of we the women in this industry, the fact remains that if you wrestle with a pig in mud, you’ll both be dirty but be assured that the big likes it. , in every organization there are negative elements, and sadly in our world now bad always seems to suppress the good, for this reason I’m calling on all ladies in this industry, if you want to make a change you have to push hard at the elements that want to resist it, if you have been approached to give yourself for a role or job be told about it and call out the person if it’s true, but settle it with them, don’t sink the whole ship because you’re not the captain”.


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