ENT NEWS: Northern Pandora Awards Acknowledged Dj AB As The Best And Most Trending Artiste In The North


Northern Pandora Award Acknowledged Dj AB As The Best And Most Trending Artiste In The North.

Here it comes again as the Northern Pandora Award 3rd edition is happening in the next coming 2 months. Indeed Dj AB deserves to be awarded as looking at his current stat in the Northern music industry it’s crystal clear that there’s no other established Artiste who has been doing good and all what it takes for the past 3 years like Dj AB. Most people regards him as “The King Of The North” because of the consistent hardwork and manifestation he has been putting over the years to arrive at the level he’s today. Northern Pandora Award disclosed the awarding on it’s Instagram page with the caption “For the past 3 years Dj AB has hold down the whole hiphop music industry in the north, and become the only Artiste people are looking up to, he has never dropped official song without it going viral so with recognition NORTHERN PANDORA AWARDS TEAM are awarding as THE BEST AND MOST TRENDING HIPHOP ARTISTE IN THE NORTH.. congratulations once again Dj AB”. For sure Dj AB has built a legacy in north and he’s still trying much harder to make Arewa music internationally seeing how striving and being optimist he’s, it’s possible in the next few years his name would be uplifted, taking to another lever where not just north but Nigeria as a whole will consider and recommend him among the too notch and prominent living legends in Nigeria.



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