BREAKING: Kidnapped 5 Year Old Girl, Hanifa Abubakar Found Killed And Abductors Have Been Caught


BREAKING: Kidnapped 5 Year Old Girl, Hanifa Abubakar Found Killed And Abductors Have Been Caught

Kidnapped 5 Year Old Girl, Hanifa Abubakar Found Killed And Abductors Have Been Caught

Hanifa Abubakar who was kidnapped 47 days ago found dead after abductors collected random of 6million naira from here father. Hanifa Abubakar was a 5 year old girl who was kidnapped by the person who operates where she was schooling. As it was disclosed, it’s said that the adductor, Abdulmalik Tanko was her teacher at a private school, NOBLE KIDS SCHOOL. Family sources said he was among the first set of people who came to console her parents after the abduction on December 4, 2021.“He was full of tears when he visited the family to console them over the abduction,” said the uncle of the girl, Suraj Sulaiman. This is indeed the highest level of cruelty one can go all for the sake of money…. The family of Hanifa Abubakar couldn’t not be able to handle seeing her body been pieced as confirmed that the proprietor, Abdulmalik Tanko lanced her tea with rat poison and after been poisoned to death, then the kidnappers cut her body into pieces and buried it wethin the boundaries of the school. From a verified family source, Wasila reveled that “The money was taken to the specified destination where he said it should be kept, that was where he got arrested by the police force”. The family wasn’t aware that it was the teacher who operates the school that got her abducted until the truth was uncovered and brought to light. Further more the kidnapper, Abdulmalik Tanko and his accomplice, Hashim Isyaku makes a disclosure as they admit to their crime publicly in people’s presence which includes the police and the family of late Hanifa Abubakar. It’s heartbreaking seeing how a person can be blinded by love and importance he has for money that he can spare a 5-6 year old child, his pupil for that matter. In addition, the kidnappers who are also the killers of the innocent child confessed that that they demanded 6,000,000 random from her parents even though Abdulmalik Muhammad Tanko’s accomplice denied the said allegations that he has a hand in the killing of Hanifa Abubakar. After they were caught and interrogated, it was reveled that Abdulmalik makes a proposal to his close friend, Hashim Isyaku irregards to the kidnapping of the 5 year old girl which he didn’t agree to the proposal later, Abdulmalik Tanko kidnapped her and took her to his house where shey stayed there for about 2 weeks before the massacre and also the interrogated accomplice makes another revelation which he said “He told me that his friend’s wife had a miscarriage so I should help him in burying the child and I accepted it. I digged and puts her inside the hole as she was inside a sack”. This is really disturbing to see huge problems like the issue of kidnapping is always increasing in the northern states day by day which is very unfortunate that the governors and president who are supposed to be dedicated to providing optimum and maximum security been keeping quiet as if the lives of their people who believed in them doesn’t mean anything to them.



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