BE SINCERE! Don’t You Think There Are Other Songs Better Than “Supa Supa” From Dj AB’s EP?

BE SINCERE! Don’t You Think There Are Other Songs Better Than “Supa Supa” From Dj AB’s EP?

“Supa Supa” a joint from Dj AB featuring Mr Eazi from his recently released EP which houses 8 solid tracks is getting more interesting and recognition beyond all expectations.
As gathered the song is the only song making wave across Nigeria with over 479k streams on Audiomack and over 28.8k made videos on Tiktok which is making the challenge more interesting and exiting indeed.
If you can recall the prolific Rapper, Dj AB posted one to 2 videos of some of his fans viping the song “Supa Supa” and he also asked for more videos which makes it a challenge, in few days videos started coming massively which he had to repost them either in his profile or status.
Indeed “Supa” EP has gained Dj AB lots more people could have ever imagined because as confirmed Dj had just 50k Audiomack Followers but after the success of his EP he’s now on the verge of reaching 100k Followers which shows how his EP is impacting here and there non stop.
From other people’s perspectives they’re thinking the song went viral only because Dj AB want that to happen. That’s he wants to promote the joint he dropped featuring prominent Nigerian Artiste, Mr Eazi which that may be the reason why he decides to result to putting a challenge on social media platforms.
It’s cristal clear Dj is pushing the song to go more viral than the other songs from his EP on social media platforms like Instagram and tiktok which what ever the reason may be it worth it.
It has been realized publicly that Dj AB loves the song beyond the rest although other songs like “Bay Bay & Call My Phone” featuring Marvel Records’ famous Di’ja are much better while listening.



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